Spirit Wind, LLC
Spirit Wind, LLC

Spirit Wind, LLCSpirit Wind, LLCSpirit Wind, LLCSpirit Wind, LLCSpirit Wind, LLCSpirit Wind, LLC


We bring you the finest examples of Native American Art directly from the artists themselves while helping you learn about the art, culture and history of our North American indigenous peoples.  We feature authentic Native American art of the highest quality.  We represent individual Native American artists and families from the United States and Canada.  American Natives did not create art for its own sake.  The form and decoration of handmade objects evolved out of daily needs and spiritual beliefs over thousands of years.  Art, beauty and spirituality are so intertwined in the daily life of traditional Native Americans that it is nearly impossible to speak of them separately. 

Historically, Native Americans’ lives were shaped by their spiritual beliefs.  Most Native people believed that they were connected to every other element of creation.  Each animal, tree, or rock had its own spirit through which an individual could establish contact with the spirit world.  The survival and well-being of Native people was dependant on maintaining harmony with the earth.  Many contemporary Native people continue to hold these traditional beliefs.

Contemporary art forms include stone, wood and other types of sculpture, glass art, contemporary painting, silver, gold and precious stone jewelry, and a myriad of innovations by modern artists on traditional themes. 

Did you know that it is against the law to sell articles represented as Native American Art that are not?  If a person is selling art and representing it as authentic Native American Art he/she must be able to prove that it is authentic, otherwise it is fraud.  We at Spirit Wind supply “Certificates of Authenticity” signed by the artist, when possible, and a copy of the biography of the artist with the piece of art work.

We do not take art on consignment, we own all of the Native Art in our gallery.  Please tour our online gallery, learn about our artists and enjoy the peaceful native music.